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Design Inspiration For Custom Embossed Wedding Invitations [Gallery]

A nice embossing of a monogram or other design element can add a luxurious and elegant touch to a wedding invitation. A few ideas to consider would be to get a get blind embossing which means no finishing is applied … Continue reading

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Designer Printers Directory: Embossed, Foil Printing, Business Cards, Wedding Invitations, etc.

If you are looking for a high quality printer, either for your business cards, wedding invitations, or other printing project, then take a look at these companies and their work. We have printers from all across the US, and printers … Continue reading

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Design Studio – The Difference: Embossed vs. Debossed Printing

What is Emboss Printing: Embossing is when you raise an image to create a 3D graphic. This is done by pushing a metal die on the back of the paper, card, or whatever material you are using so the front … Continue reading

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Design Printing Guide: What is Foil Embossing

Foil printing is when you heat up a custom made metal die, place a sheet of foil paper between the die and the item you want printing on – the heat from the die then transfers the foil onto the … Continue reading

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