Different Ways of Creating Handmade Business Cards

The most common way to create your own DIY embossed business cards is to go to a printer and have them print out your contact details. Then have a hand embosser made of your logo or other design element which you emboss onto the cards at home – saving you a ton in printing costs. This hand embosser can also be used to emboss the front of notebooks, company stationary, certificates, and a whole host of other things. These hand embossers are fairly cheap, costing around $40 – $100 depending on the complexity of the design and size.

The Flightless Design Group

Hand Embossed Business Card Hand Embossed Business Card


Gergo Ovari

DIY Embossing DIY Embossing


Alternatives To Using a Hand Embosser

You can use household items to create debossings in card or the Cuttlebug is a home craft machine that embosses card.

Alternative Embossing Techniques

Making Custom Ink Stamps

Another way to create your own homemade business cards with a hand embosser is to have your contact details made into an ink stamp. Now all you need is the card – and you can start printing the entire business card at home. You can even go for multiple stamps, and use different colors for each one.

Handmade Sommelier Cards

Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards



Chancho Business Cards Chancho Business Cards


Ryan Thomas

Ryan Card Design

Multiple Layers of Card

A result of embossing card is that you will be left with the reversed image on the back. One way to get around this is to glue the embossed card onto another one – it can even be of a different color. In our Premium Business Cards Gallery you can see that some cards use multiple layers to create a thick card with a bold color: for example one orange card sandwiched between two black ones.


Vegete Embossed Cards Vegete Embossed Cards


Christine Cerniglia

Round Embossed Card Round Embossed Card

Make Your Own Embossed Seals

Instead of embossing one piece of card and gluing it to another one, you can emboss a foil seal and bond that to the card – like the business card below:


Berg Embossed Seal Berg Embossed Seal

Berg Embossed Seal

Other DIY Printing Techniques and Ideas

Transferable Marker

Here is a handmade business card that used a transfer marker to transfer the printed contact details off of the paper and onto the blank recycled card:

Darryl Jingwen Wee

Transfer Marker Card DIY Transfer Marker Card DIY

Free Homemade Wine Graphics

The designers that worked on Mylene Poisson’s business cards had the cards printed up with the contact details and then went ahead and used wine to create a rich card design element:

Mylene Poisson

Wine Business Cards Wine Business Cards Wine Business Cards Wine Business Cards

Edge Printing

Another handmade special touch you can add to your business cards is to stack them up, put a heavy rock on top of them, and then spray paint the edges of the card – giving it a pop of color:

Dearie Business Cards Dearie Business Cards

Image Credits: Flightless, Gergo Ovari, Household Debossing, Sommelier, Chancho, Vegete, Christine Cerniglia, Berg, Darryl Jingwen Wee, Mylene Poisson, Dearie

If you are in need of any printers for your DIY project, check out our Printers Directory for a list of premium printing companies and examples of their work.


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