Business Card Designs Using Blind Embossing

Blind embossing is when you leave the embossed area plain – there is no ink or special foils applied. You are left with a clean and elegant 3D design. Also it is much cheaper to have a blind embossed than one with a finishing on it.

DIY Route: By having a hand crank hand embosser made you can emboss your own business cards. Have your business cards printed with just your contact details and then emboss your logo onto the card at home. You could even get an ink stamp made up of your details so that way your whole card is handmade: have a look at our post here for more ideas – DIY Embossed Cards.

Atomic Bean

Atomic Bean Blind Embossed Atomic Bean Blind Embossed

For colored embossed business cards have a look at our galleries here: foil printing, black card, premium, alternative materials.

Blind Embossed Designs and Ideas:

Alex Doty

Film Maker Business Card Film Maker Business Card



For the Vegete business cards below, the designer went ahead and embossed one piece of card before gluing it to a second card. This way the reversed image of the embossing does not show up on the back.

Vegete Embossed Cards Vegete Embossed Cards



Niesrex Card Design Niesrex Card Design


Joseph Vetrone

Star Burst Embossed Design Star Burst Embossed Design



CSUK Blind Embossed



How to DIY emboss business cards:

Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards Hand Embossed Cards


Bar Lane Studios

Here the whole business card is blind embossed – no ink at all:

Bar Lane Cards Bar Lane Cards


Old Parkland

Old Parkland Embossing 09-Old-Parkland-Embossing-b



Here is an example of beautiful hand lettering that has been blind embossed for a promotional card:

Hand Lettering Embossed

Debossed Business Card Designs

An alternative to having blind embossing is to get blind debossing done. Instead of having a raised image debossing indents the image into the card – as seen in the two business card design examples below.

Be Apt

BeApt Blind Debossed BeApt Blind Debossed



Business Card Debossed Business Card Debossed

Image Credits: Atomic Bean, Alex Doty, Vegete, Joseph Vetrone, CSUK, Sommelier, Bar Lane Studios, Old Parkland, 344, BeApt, 65

For printers who excel at blind embossing, foil embossed printing, or letterpress printing, have a look at our Designers Printers Directory for a listing and examples of their work.


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