Dark and Mysterious: Designing With Black

Getting embossing done on black business cards adds a subtle but premium touch. The great thing about embossing is that it doesn’t clutter up the card’s design. Whereas printing pictures or illustrations takes up space and can make the design crowded. Below are a range of designs that use both black card and embossing. One thing to note is that the best black card designs use only one ink color, whether that is white, gold, silver, or another color.

Lamborghini Business Cards

Lamborghini Business Cards Lamborghini Business Cards



Eskimo Black Business Card Eskimo Black Business Card Eskimo Black Business Card


Minimalist Kaimak Cards

Kaimak Embossed Cards Kaimak Embossed Cards Kaimak Embossed Cards


Mama’s Sauce

Mamas Sauce Business Cards

One way to get custom embossed printing on the front without it showing up on the back is to use multiple layers of card. Get the first layer embossed – then bond it with the other layers of paper and card to create the full thickness of the business card – just like in the photos below:


Love Black White Business Cards



ZE Black Cards

If you want to take it a step further there is the option of foil embossed printing. This is when a design is foil printed onto the card, and then the area is embossed to create a colored 3D image.

An alternative to having embossing done on the business cards is to use debossing. The benefit here is that you can do it in such a way that only one side of the card has the image. With embossing, you will usually end up with the embossed image on the front and a reversed image on the back (unless you use multiple layers of card) – Image Gallery: Debossed Business Cards Collection.

Here is an example of a hand crank debosser being used to add the final touches to a card:

Flightless (DIY)

Flightless DIY Card Flightless DIY Card


Julien Hauchecorne’s Black Debossed Business Cards

HJ Black HJ Black HJ Black


Todd Lasher’s Design

Todd Debossed Todd Debossed

Another alternative to using embossed printing to create a 3D graphic on a black business card, is to get spot UV printing done. This will create a slightly raised impression on the card just like in the one below:

Pao & Lee

Pao and Lee Pao and Lee

Black Embossed Business Cards Image Credits: Lamborghini, Eskimo, Kaimak, Mama’s Sauce, Lov and ZE, Flightless, HJ, Todd Lasher, Pao and Lee

Our Printers Directory page has a listing of premium printing companies that can create the business cards your saw above.


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