Combining Foils and Embossing For Business Card Designs

Combining emboss and foil printing adds a premium touch to any business card design. In our recent article, What Is Foil Embossed Printing, we go over the two different ways it is done (2 runs vs. a combination die).

Custom Design Options: There are two ways you can incorporate foil and embossing into a business card design. A) Have the same area of the card embossed and foil printed, or B) have design elements blind embossed (no color, ink), while others design elements are foil printed (like the Mercy or Woodsen business cards below).

Foil Printing Cards

You also have a choice in the types of foils you use. In the photos below we can see that the different designs use a variety of foils such as matte, gloss, or metallic (silver, gold).

Here are some business card designs that use foil embossed printing:

Card Designs Using Metallic Foils

Liverpool Pub

Liverpool Foil Business Cards Liverpool Foil Business Cards



The Mercy cards uses a combination of printing techniques: there is blind embossing for the background image (where the embossed area has no ink or foil added to it – it is left plain), foil printing for “Mercy”, and then foil embossed printing for “Protects and Defends”.

Mercy Cards Mercy Cards



Anchor Foil Embossed



Sultan Hotel Card Design Sultan Hotel Card Design



Here is another example of a business card using metallic hot foil stamping. Unlike the cards above, the embossed areas and foil printing are applied to different design elements.

Woodsen Design Woodsen Design


FB – Here is an example of a business card design that uses both matte (black) and gloss foils (blue):

FB Gloss Foil Card FB Gloss Foil Card Embossing Plates

Desbossing Designs

An alternative to foil embossing is foil debossing. Instead of having a graphic raised up on the card, the graphic is indented into the card (Debossed Business Cards Gallery). You can then have the indent filled with ink or foil. The example below shows the logo indented and a glossy black foil has been applied to it to create a shine:

The Bend

The Bend Business Card Design The Bend Business Card Design

Image Credits: Evan, Liverpool Pub, Mercy, Anchor, Sultan, Woodsen, FB, The Bend

If you want to find a great printer who can do foil embossed printing, either for business cards or wedding invitations, then check out our Printing Directory page for a listing of printers and photos of their work.


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