From Blind to Edge Printing: Premium Business Card Designs

Before we get to the different add-ons you can have along with embossed printing there are 2 things that you want to start out with when creating a high quality, premium business card. First of all, it is always best to hire a top class graphic designer to design your company’s materials. Yes they can be costly, but it would be better to spend the money on them and go without the fancy printing techniques. You could even tell the graphic designers that you have a low budget, but are open minded and creative about what they can come up with (check out the DIY ideas section at the bottom of this post). The second thing is to always print on high quality thick card.

The Camel Farm

Premium Design Options For Embossed Business Cards  Premium Design Options For Embossed Business Cards


Philip Attar

Embossed Card

Here are 5 design options for creating premium embossed business cards:

Merging Foil and Emboss Printing

This is probably one of the top premium add-ons you could do with emboss printing. A special foil whether metallic (silver, gold, etc), glossy, or matte can be applied on top of your embossed design. This creates a colored embossing like the examples below.


Anchor Foil Embossed


Liverpool Pub

Liverpool Foil Business Cards Liverpool Foil Business Cards

For more designs and ideas have a look at our foil embossed business card gallery.

You could always leave the embossed area plain, not adding anything to it – this is called a blind emboss. There are a lot of high quality business card designs that do this. Have a look at our gallery here for examples: Blind Embossed Business Card Designs and Ideas.

Multiple Level Embossing

The more complex and bigger your emboss design the more expensive it is to make the die. Having a multiple level emboss costs more but creates more of an impact:

Henry Business Card Design

Luxury Linen Business Cards

It is possible to create embossed cards with linen. This material is used because of the high quality texture:

Linen Texture Embossed Linen Business Card

For a look at other alternative materials have a look at our Linen, Plastic, and Metal Business Cards post.

Edge Printing

Another add on you could have for your business cards is edge printing. This could be a subtle color, or a bold one like the blue and green below:


Dearie Business Cards Dearie Business Cards



DGCV Edge Printing

Black Card

Printing on black card adds a subtle touch of class and luxury when done the right way. Combining black card with white, gold, or silver foil printing can create a striking design. Or how about just using black ink for a more minimalist design – like the business card below:


Kaimak Embossed Cards 08-Kaimak-Embossed-Cards-b


Mama’s Sauce

Mamas Sauce Business Cards


Some of the best embossed card designs I’ve seen have been homemade using a hand crank embosser and ink stamps: Ideas For Creating Your Own Handmade Embossed Business Cards

Hand Embossed Business Cards Seal Hand Embossed Business Cards Seal

Don’t forget there are options in the type of embossing dies you can have custom made – they range from rounded edges to straight chiseled dies which affect the end design. For more on this read our guide here: In The Workshop – Design Technique: Embossed Printing.

Image Credits: Camel Farm, Philip, Anchor, Liverpool Pub, Henry, Linen, DGCV, Dearie, Kaimak, Mama’s Sauce, Henrik Steen

If you are looking for a high quality printer who can produce what you saw here, head on over to our Directory page for a list of printers and examples of their work.


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