Design Guide – Alternative Materials: Linen, Metal, and Plastic Business Cards

Here are three alternative materials that you can get embossed business cards made with: metal, linen, and plastic.

Embossing Metal

Yes it is possible to emboss metal to create one a of a kind business card design. But is it cost effective? It depends on your business. Here are a number of metal business card designs:


Metal Embossed Business Card Metal Embossed Business Card



Duffy Business Cards


National Greyhound

Greyhound Metal Card


Mattson Creative

Mattson Creative Metal



Lodge Metal Design



Kass Business Card

An alternative to using expensive metal to make business cards is to instead go for foil printing using metal foils such as gold or silver – like the two examples below. For more ideas and designs when it comes to foil and emboss printing have a look at our gallery here: foil embossed business cards.

Liverpool Foil Business Cards

Anchor Foil Embossed


Luice Design

Here is an example of a metal business card design without any embossing:

Luice Metal Card

Mediatopia is a company that can cut metal business cards

Printing on Linen

Linen Texture

The appeal of printing on linen is the high quality texture that comes with the material. Here are a few embossed business card designs that use it:

Embossed Linen Business Card Embossed Linen Business Card

Using Plastic

Plastic is another expensive material to make business cards out of. However, with 3D printing becoming mainstream who knows what sort of business cards will be created in the future. A better use of money would be to hire a first class graphic designer to create your business cards for you – have a look at our Premium Embossed Business Card Gallery for some examples. Either way, here is one plastic business card that has a raised image:

Super Capacity

Super Capacity Plastic Business Card

Another way to get a shiny, glossy business card, instead of using plastic, is to use normal card and then have spot UV finishing applied to the embossed area afterwards, like in the design below (spot UV finishing is just a clear coating that can be applied anywhere on the card):

Alex Sheedy

Spot UV Embossed Business Card

Image Credits: NRP, Liverpool Pub, Anchor, Luice Design, Linen, Alex Sheedy

If you are looking for a high quality printer who can produce amazing looking business cards, then check out our Directory page for a list of printers and examples of their work.


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