Design Studio – The Difference: Embossed vs. Debossed Printing

What is Emboss Printing: Embossing is when you raise an image to create a 3D graphic. This is done by pushing a metal die on the back of the paper, card, or whatever material you are using so the front will have the raised image.

What is Deboss Printing: Debossing is when you create an indent in the material you are using. This is done by stamping a metal die on the front of the material. You can leave the debossing as it is (also known as a blind deboss) or you can fill the indentation with ink.

Marquee Wines Debossed Logo Stationary Set:

Debossed Stationary

When it comes to business card designs, deboss printing is less common than embossing. However if you deboss on a thick card, only one side of the business card will be affected. Whereas with embossing, you’ll have the reverse image on the back of the card, and the embossed image on the front.

Business cards, book covers, notebooks are some things that can be custom embossed or debossed. You have a lot more design options when it comes to debossing vs embossing. For example you can deboss leather, and it is easier to machine deboss silicon wristbands, bracelets, and dog tags among other items.

Here is an example of a business card design that uses both debossing and embossing. “Agent” is embossed while “Ink” is debossed:

Agent Ink Debossed Cards

Landmark Manchester Brochure – Has both embossed and debossed areas:

Landmark Manchester Brochure Design

Here is an example of debossing that is seen on both sides of the card:

Distillery Business Cards

Distillery Business Cards

And here are two design examples that have debossing which only affects one side:

Villainy Business Card Design Villainy Business Card Design JH Designs JH Designs JH Designs

Image Credits: AgentInk & Marquee Wines, Landmark Manchester, Distillery Business Cards, Villainy, JH

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