Design Options for Wedding Napkins: From Embossed and Stamps, to Die Cuts

Some ideas on how you can have personalized wedding napkins is to get them a) custom stamped, b) embossed, or c) have a ring / wrap around designed for them. Below are some images of these ideas and many others.

Ink Stamped


Blue Napkin Print


Vintage Bicycle Napkin Design

Bicycle Wedding Napkin Design


Memorable Moments

Creative Wedding Napkin


Catie and Jimmy

J&C Wedding


Custom Cloth Napkins

Custom Fabric Napkins Wedding



Pairs Cute


Cute Wedding Napkins

Cute Wedding Napkins

If you want a shiny, more metallic look to the printing then opt for foil printing. This is when a foil is transferred by heat onto the cocktail napkins. You can choose from metallic foils such as gold or silver, glossy foils like blue, green, red, or even matte colored foils.

Gold Foil Wedding Beverage Napkins

Black Wedding Napkin


Golden Monogram

Gold Wedding Napkin Design

Embossed Designs and Ideas

Add a 3D image to your wedding paper napkins by having them embossed.

Cheap Handmade DIY Embossing

As you see around this site, one design option that is highly recommended is getting a hand crank embosser made. These cost between $40-$100 (depending on the size and complexity of the design). The emboss design could be something decorative like flowers or birds, or it could be something more personal like a monogram or the date of the wedding. These hand embossers can be used to create a design on a napkin. They can also be used to emboss wedding invitations, programs, thank you cards, and a whole host of other items.

Embossed Napkins

Wrap Arounds

You can use normal dinner napkins (cloth or paper) and have a wrap around ring printed:

Vintage Style

Vintage Style


Cute Wrap Arounds and Tags

Rustic Napkins

Image Credits: A&J, 2-4, Cute and Gold, C&J and Golden, Pairs, Embossed, Vintage Style, Wrap Around and Tags

For a list of printing companies and to see examples of their work head on over to our Directory page.


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