Wedding Program Design Options: Embossed, Foil Printing, UV Varnish, Die Cuts, Etc.

Before heading to the printers or asking a graphic design to create your wedding programs, have a look at the design options available. Below is a range of different kinds of wedding programs to get some inspiration from. We have ones printed on embossed card, to ones that have gold metallic foils on them. There are so many different things you can do. Here are 4 design ideas when it comes to creating your wedding programs.

Embossed Rose

Rose Embossing

Embossed Wedding Programs

Embossing add a luxury and elegant feel to a wedding program. This could be an embossing of a monogram (the initials of the bride and groom) or of a design element like birds or calla lilies. In our wedding invitation ideas and design gallery we talked about how you can buy a custom made hand embosser. This allows you to emboss printed cards at home and save on printing costs. This DIY embosser can also be used to make cheap handmade programs, homemade napkins, thank you cards, or anything else really – so you are getting your money’s worth out of one. Here are a few wedding programs that have embossed designs:

J&A Wedding Reception Program Design

Embossed Wedding Program Embossed Wedding Program Embossed Wedding Program


Printing On Unique Textured Embossed Card

Embossed Card Embossed Card

Debossing is something you could do instead of embossing. Where embossing raises an image off of the card, debossing stamps and indents it into the card:

Debossed Wedding Invites Debossed Wedding Invites Debossed Wedding Invites

Foil Printed

Our what is foil printing post goes over the details of foil printing. Basically, you can choose from a variety of foils (from metals like gold and silver, to glossy colors or matte foils) and have them applied to any area of the card. Here are a few examples:

A&Y Wedding

Foil Invites Foil Invites Foil Invites


Spanish Styled Wedding Invites

Foil Printing Wedding Program


Combo! Foil Embossed Invitations and Program

Yes, you can combine foil printing with an embossing. Have a raised 3D image covered in shiny gold or silver foil. There are also metallic blue, red, or green foils.

Foil Embossed Wedding Invitation Foil Embossed Wedding Invitation

UV Varnish

If you want to have a shiny, clear glossy finish on your wedding programs then you can have a UV varnish (also known as spot UV printing) applied to an area:

Spot UV Spot UV

Die Cut

Have a custom shape in mind? Something simple like a circle, or maybe something more ornate and decorative? All of this is possible – just take a look at the example below.

Die Cut Pocket

Other Wedding Program Design Ideas

Using Linen Card

Linen Printing


Creative Infographic Styled Program

Infographic Wedding Infographic Wedding


Elegant Ceremony Booklet Design

Booklet Wedding Program Booklet Wedding Program

Image Credits: Rose, J&A, Embossed Card, Debossed, A&Y, Spanish Style, Foil Embossed, Spot UV 1 – 2, Die Cut, Linen, Infographic, Booklet

For high quality printing, like the examples above, check out the premium printers we have listed on our Directory Page. You can also see examples of their work under the listings.


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