Design Inspiration For Custom Embossed Wedding Invitations [Gallery]

A nice embossing of a monogram or other design element can add a luxurious and elegant touch to a wedding invitation. A few ideas to consider would be to get a get blind embossing which means no finishing is applied to the embossed area – creating a minimalist design. Then there is also foil printing – this is when a glossy, metallic (gold, silver, etc), or matte foil layer is applied to the embossed area. Below are a few other ideas to consider when printing your wedding invitations.

A & J Embossed Invitations

AJ Embossed Invitation AJ Embossed Invitation


Ester and Manuel

Wedding Invitation Blind Embossed Wedding Invitation Blind Embossed


Rose Embossing on Pearl Card

Rose Embossing

Design Examples of Blind Embossed Wedding Invitations

B&R Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding Design Wedding Graphic Design Wedding Graphic Design


H Wedding

Blind Embossed Blind Embossed wedding cake design


Esther & Alberto Pocket Invitations

Wedding Invite White Wedding Invite White


Coat of Arms Invitation With a Wax Seal

Coat Of Arms Wedding Invite Coat Of Arms Wedding Invite


Monica and Kevin

Birds Wedding Invitation Birds Wedding Invitation

Foil Printing Combined With Embossing

A&R Foil Embossed Coat of Arms and Border 

Foil Embossed Wedding Invitation Foil Embossed Wedding Invitation



Anchor Foil Embossed

Other Embossed Printing Options

Printing on Embossed Card – Jeffrey & Madeline

Embossed Paper Wedding Embossed Paper Wedding

The Benefits of Going The DIY Homemade Route

Something that you could do is to have a hand crank embosser made up with a monogram, calla lily flowers, seashells, damask designs, or other graphics. You can then have the wedding invitations printed out at a printer and save money by embossing them at home. But it doesn’t have to stop there – this embosser can also be used to create personalized, handmade, and cheap embossed wedding napkins, paper stationary, place settings, thank you cards, or anything else really.

A Hand Embosser

Hand Embosser


D &K – Made With a Cuttlebug

DIY Emboss Cuttlebug


You could always just emboss a seal and stick that onto a blank card:

Homemade Wedding Invitation Homemade Wedding Invitation

The Opposite: Debossing

Debossing is an alternative printing method. Instead of having a raised image when you get embossing done, debossing indents the image into the card:

Nicole and Anthony

Debossed Wedding Invitation Debossed Wedding Invitation


Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram Wedding Invitation Venn Diagram Wedding Invitation


Alexandra & Evan

Debossed Wedding Invite Debossed Wedding Invite Debossed Wedding Invite

Image Credits: AJ, Ester and Manuel, Rose, B&R, H Wedding, Esther & Alberto, Coat of Arms, Monica and Kevin, A&R, Anchor, Jeffrey & Madeline, D&K, TPKTPL, Nicole and Anthony, Venn Diagram, Alexandra & Evan

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